The Ultra Adventure

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The Ultra Adventure

Some of the events The Ultra Adventure is perfect for helping you complete include…

Ultra Trail Australia 50km, Tarawera 50km, Surf Coast Century 50km, The North Face Challenge 50km Events, Moab’s Red Hot 55km, Hong Kong Island 50km, Japan Lake Saroma 50km, Eiger Ultra Trail 51km to name a few.

Ultra running improvement made easy. Giving ultra runners confidence they will make the distance and have a great ultra experience.

Welcome to The Ultra Journey Program a step-by-step ultra running coaching program designed to get you ready to tackle your goal race.

What does it take to improve your ultra running?

How is it possible some people improve their running quicker than others?

Why do some runners achieve more than others in the same amount of time?

The Challenge

The biggest challenge most ultra runners face come race day is not their lack of motivation or determination. It is their lack of preparation and appropriate training leading into their goal event.

It’s not that they aren’t capable, they just need a little guidance.

After working with ultra runners a few key fundamentals of successful ultra runners have become clear.

Ultra Running Coach

The Solution

Ultra runners who improve the quickest and have a great race day experience are those who realise early that they don’t know everything. But that’s not enough, here’s the clincher, they do something about it.

The fastest improving ultra runners we see are those who enlist the guidance, knowledge and accountability of a coach. A coach that can provide structure and do the thinking for them. Allowing them to do what they do best, run!

Successful ultra runners have the motivation, but they need to put this motivation to good use. Employing the best coaching methods to deliver the best results based on their individual time available to train.

The Proof

After working with a range of ultra runners from front pack, mid pack and back of pack runners it became clear to us that particular bits of knowledge were needed at critical points in time of a ultra runners journey. We have put all these basics into a step-by-step program, The Ultra Journey Program to fast track your ultra running knowledge and ensure you have a great race day experience, a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

The focus of this program is on developing your running and training knowledge, building the distance you can run and getting you ready for your goal event.

The Focus

You are inundated by running and training articles. Do this, do that. But what of all this information actually applies to you, the ultra runner? You just want to know what applies to you, so you can get out the door and start running.

Training is not about winging it, it’s about being strategic, structured and smart.

Ultra Running Coach

The Ultra Adventure

Being part of The Ultra Adventure you will have access to the best ultramarathon training and coaching strategies out there. Without wondering how does this coaching and training stuff apply to me?

It’s frustrating seeing ultra runners put time into training but not achieve to the level they are capable of, we want them to achieve their impossible and have fun along the way.

Ultra run training is a process, a journey. In this program you will discover proven coaching strategies to improve your running.
Too many ultra runners focus on only one aspect of training, start their training too late or simply leave their training up to chance.

Continuous ultra running improvement comes from understanding the process of coaching and how it applies to you.

Who is this for?

  • The Ultra Adventure is for any ultra marathon runner, or aspiring ultra marathon runner.
  • You have experience as a runner but you are looking to increase the distance you run or are looking to implement proven coaching strategies to improve your ability as an endurance runner.
  • Your race distance is between 30-60km. Yep 30km is less than an ultra, but we understand that not everyone is going to jump straight into an ultramarathon even though they aspire to complete one. We’re going to help them get there.
  • How do we cater for this? The training program you are prescribed is relevant to your goal race. If your race is 30km technical treat or a 60km elevation epic we employ the same training principles while catering for your shorter distance, we are building you up for your future goal.

5 Reasons this is the smartest investment you will ever make in your ultra running journey.


Personal Growth – You will get instant access to proven coaching methods and strategies to improve your ultra running. You will be guided through what to do and when.


Direction, focus and clarity – You will have more direction, focus and clarity in your approach to your ultra running. As a smart ultra runner you understand the importance of a quality training program.


Access to your customized training plan – Having the right training program in place is crucial to help ensure all elements of a successful ultra runner are covered, while ensuring the chances of injury are reduced.


The Ultra Journey Running Community – Get access to a private online community of like minded ultra runners where you can gain inspiration, network and get support when you need it.


Bonus.  Access to the head coach of The Ultra Journey – As a member you also get access to the founder of The Ultra Journey on a fortnightly online ‘Run Smart Q&A Workshop’.

How does it work?

The course is an intensive 12 week program. As a bonus you have access to the content for 3 months post your event day, just in case you wish to revisit any of the material or principles covered.

Each month you receive your following four weeks of training and the associated videos taking you through the next steps of the coaching process.

You also get invited to exclusive fortnightly online question and answer classes with the founder and head coach of The Ultra Journey, where you can ask questions related to ultra running, training and coaching as well as learn from others ultra runners questions.

You have access to The Ultra Journey Online community connecting you with other ultra runners all around the world.

Yes please I’m in!

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The Guarantee


I’m not going to fluff around here, the truth is if you are serious about improving your ultra running, jump on board. If you don’t think this program can help you improve your ultra running over the next three months then let us know. We only believe in delivering programs that work.

You are free to exit the program at any stage up to the end of the first month, no questions asked, along with a full refund. This lets you try with confidence to see what the program can do for you. Yep we have that much confidence in it! If you proceed beyond this point, you’re locked in, well for the last two months anyway. Why, because we don’t like quitters and you have an important goal race coming up.

Join this program if you want to kick butt in your ultra running.

Who is behind The Ultra Adventure?

The creator of The Ultra Adventure is Nick Muxlow a successful endurance competitor, coach and educator with over 12 years competing in endurance events. Highlights include; competing in the Hawaiian Ironman, a 9.10 Ironman P.B., placing second in his local ultra marathon, Yurrebilla, a marathon P.B. of 2.45. and finishing Ultra Trail Australia 100km in under 11.5 hours.