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My Journey

Nick Muxlow is the founder of The Ultra Journey. An ultra runners community know for getting runners to the end of their first ultra and first 100km ultra marathon.

His credentials….

Played and coached lacrosse – Australian Squad in 2010

Triathlon 2002 to 2015

7 Ironman with a Personal Best of 9.10.

Hawaii Ironman

Bachelor of Human Movement

Bachelor of Education

Physical Education teacher

Ultra Marathon in 2013, Yurrebilla 56km 2nd place – 4hr 51mins

Hobart Marathon 2016, 4th place 2hr 45mins

Ultra Trail Australia 100km 11:26:29

From the coaches mouth…

ultra trail running nick

“I have loved running for as long as I can remember…

Whilst most kids didn’t… I loved the long run in fitness at primary school. My mate and I, Thomas, would charge laps around the school, pushing each other to the limits before going into class exhausted and sweaty but happy and keen to get out and do it all over again.

A couple of years down the track at age 11yrs there was the school cross-country championships. I knew I wanted to win this… but I also knew I would have some solid competition in my childhood friend, Thomas.

At that age my understanding of training was very limited, but I did know that if you do something regularly you get better at it. I can remember asking my dad to take me out on training runs. This meant getting up early and going for a run in the morning. While the runs were never long, this would become a catalyst for the self-belief and dedication that I still carry with me today.

If you want something, are willing to work hard and do what others are not prepared to do, then you will succeed.

This win is still one my proudest achievements.  I knew I was good at this running business. I could only have dreamt of being a running coach as a kid… what a dream job.

The Ultra Journey takes my passion for endurance running, education and helping others achieve their impossible and rolls it all into one.

I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, even under the guidance of coaches!  I can check all the big ones, overtraining – twice, injury, miss understanding nutrition, pacing pitfalls and athlete burnout.

I have learnt from coaching methods that work and coaching methods that don’t work.  I have made all these mistakes SO you don’t have to.

Trail Run Coaching Nick
ultra coach nick muxlow

The Ultra Journey is about passing on an ultra running education, a knowledge base and skill set to others aspiring to complete or improve their ultra marathon running.  It gives you the assistance you need so you can ‘train smart from the start’ and achieve your dreams, giving you confidence.

I can’t be out there and racing for you.

I love competition and racing that much that I wish I could, but you are the one racing, you are the one putting the blood, sweat, tears and emotion into your personal ultra journey.  You’re the one getting up early and fitting training into your life schedule.

Competing in endurance events is a very personal and emotional journey.  With everything you put in, it has to be.  But you are also the one who will feel that elation when you cross the finish line.  You will know that it was you and solely you who did that.

We all need to be our own hero… to ourselves, our kids, partner and all those who you have inspired as you have progressed on your ultra journey.  Even if your journey was just to prove to yourself that you could do it.  You will have your own unique story to tell.

I would love to hear your story.

Come with us.

Join our community.

An experience awaits… as a new hero is born.

Nick Muxlow
The Ultra Journey

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Pursue your personal best to achieve the impossible.


Grow and learn as an ultra runner.


Kick butt and smash your ultra running goals.


Celebrate your success and acknowledge all those who helped you.


Enjoy what you do.


Life is an adventure, run it.


Influence positive change.

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Our Journey